More than 400 operators in Africa, America, Asia, Europe are available in the catalog. The overseas rates are as low as 3 cents a minute to some countries, and as high as 20 cents a minute to countries such as the US. Tim offers three different prepaid sim cards for Italy. There is NO texting included in a Tim Italy prepaid sim card. Tre’s “Power29” prepaid SIM card is probably the best option for tourists because it comes with a number of different voice and data combinations. Vodafone Prepaid Plans and Recharges. Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), Vodafone, Wind, and 3 Italia are the major carriers, and all of them operate third-generation (3G) networks. 365 day prepaid mobile plans. But be careful as Im traveling to every country in the world and at the end of 2019 already have visited 105 countries this might create a serious case of wanderlust. Looking for a Italy SIM card to use for international travel in Italy or other countries in Europe? You safe the hassle of buying a sim card as you order the TEP Wireless online before your trip, click on the banner for more info. €25 data only sim card: 20 GB - EU data limited to 5 GB. Get the best travel tips for unique locations and follow my adventure! 8 The majority of these subscriptions are prepaid. Vodafone Italia has a special roaming agreement with San Marino Telecom (Prima) in order to get cheaper tariffs while roaming on the network of the small country surrounded by Italy. I have now been to almost 110 countries and aiming to visit every country in the world. OneSimCard is an all-in-one Italy SIM card solution that gives you more. Same as Tim Italy is the usage of data limited in Europe, sucks big time but Wind is a great data sim card for traveling in Italy only. With the available Travel Prepaid SIM Cards for Europe, you can enjoy a great internet experience through Italy … Already got an Airbnb account? You simply pay for the calls, texts and data you use and keep the same international cell phone number no matter which country you are in. If you only need a France data SIM card for internet connectivity, check out our new Data & Roam SIM. Access It is a cell phone that does not require a monthly contract; rather, you place a set amount of money, or "minutes," on the phone and are then able to use the phone until the minutes run out. Our data SIM is a perfect solution for iPads, tablets, computers and MiFi hotspot devices worldwide. Orange SA is one of the oldest mobile network providers in France. Using this Italy SIM card will require an unlocked GSM cell phone with the necessary network frequency bands listed in the table above. When going into the mountains in the North, Iliad is definitely not the best Italy sim card for tourists as their network up there is very weak. I hope the above tips for buying a prepaid sim card in Italy were useful for your upcoming trip. Trusted by over 27 million users, FreeCharge is your one-stop shop solution for online recharge. Using a hotspot is possible and all prepaid data packages are valid for 30 days. In most European countries there are 3 main mobile internet operators, but in Italy there are 5: TIM and WIND are Italian brands and Vodafone and 3 are of course international well known brands. Italy sim card deals at airports are not as good as in the city. Buy a SIM Card . They commit to the best network and recently were awarded as best operator for the eighth time in a row. With OneSimCard, our international SIM card will provide you with low-cost prepaid Italy cell phone service as well as international cell phone roaming in 200+ other countries. Tre’s “Power29” prepaid SIM card is probably the best option for tourists because it comes with a number of different voice and data combinations. Note: You will need an unlocked international cell phone even if you decide to purchase a local Italy SIM card from elsewhere upon arrival in Italy. Prepaid Sim Cards for travelers are more common in Italy. Vodafone offers two types of prepaid plans, each featuring three recharge options. For my Instagram and YouTube channel I was lucky enough to travel to Italy once more in December 2019. Who does not want to go road tripping in Italy right? Find 30 of them in the link! : 333 1234567) and complete the transaction. Italy SIM card Frequently Asked Questions. A complete guide, a masterpiece with research on more than 25 European airports, 20 countries and all the sim cards for Europe you can order online! In any tourist destination in Italy there are multiple mobile phone shops. If you have any questions about this Italy SIM card or using a cell phone in Italy, please contact our Customer Support department here. Always make sure you carry a passport on you when buying a sim card for Italy. You'll have a local Italian number for calls in Italy, free incoming calls, and a fixed low rate for calls to the United States or Canada. Vodafone the best sim card in Italy for tourists, When traveling in Italy only Wind Italy is the best prepaid sim card for Italy, Best Prepaid Mexico SIM card for Tourists in 2021, 11 Best Thailand Tourist SIM Card in 2021, 11 Reasons To Book Remezzo Santorini in Imerovigli, White Side Suites, Oia Santorini | Every Traveler's Dream, Register a new Airbnb account through this link, 20 GB, valid in 30 countries and 200 international minutes, best travel adventures from around the world, how I became a professional travel blogger, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice | Waterfront with Amazing Venice Views, Hotel Winkler Sport & Spa Resort | Dolomites Wellness Haven, Nature & Active Hotel Rogen | Oasis of Peace & Tranquility, La Maiena Meran Resort | The Top of Meran, My 3-week road trip through Germany, Austria and Italy, Check out my  155K Instagram account @traveltomtom. When traveling in Italy and you want to go off the beaten path then Im sure you don’t really mind having no signal for a couple hours anyway. Fill in your number, it will be recharged automatically with the amount of your choice. Another option and great if you travel with kids is a portable Wifi device from TEP Wireless. Promotions on the new activations are valid until January 10, 2021. For €30 you get 15 GB data and 500 minutes all over Europe. The recipient could be a friend or family member, or your own phone. The main mobile network providers in Italy are TIM, Vodafone, Wind and 3 (Three). When traveling in Italy only Wind Italy is the best prepaid sim card for Italy as they have a good network and for only €25 you get 20 GB data (+30 GB extra as part of a promotion) plus they also have 500 minutes included. The Iliad Italy network is still a little small compared to the others but most of the tourist destinations in Italy are covered. Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: Jio prepaid plans under Rs 100. Call Italy and save money with international phone cards from LDPost. This is a completely new company and they do not have that many stores around Italia like the other mobile internet operators. Offerte Telefonia Mobile, Fibra e ADSL, Smartphone | Vodafone All rights reserved, Click here to learn more about calling options and associated rates, GSM 900, GSM 1800, UMTS 2100, LTE 800, LTE 1800, LTE 2600, UMTS 900, LTE 1500, No Contracts - Pay only for the calls you make, Internet Data Service in Italy and 170+ Countries, Add a US, Canadian or UK Personal Extra Number, Outgoing calls only $0.25 per minute within Italy or to the U.S., Canada and most countries, Mobile data service from 5c/MB. The weather of this Southern European country is characterized as Mediterranean: Alpine in the north; hot and dry in the south. Carrefour Italia (UNO Mobile) Prepaid Card Name: UNO Mobile: Activation Fee/Credit included: € 4.99/5.00: Card Validity after activation: 11+1 months: Net Frequency: MVNO on GSM 900/1800: Logo, Net Code: UNO Mobile, 222 10: Network: Vodafone: Prepaid offer: click here: Last update: 29/11/12 Italy sits on a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea. Simply register with a new email address! Flexiroam international SIM cards. As long as your cell phone is unlocked and has the 900 and 1800 Mhz bands, it is compatible with your phone with voice and as long as it has the 2100 3G networks, it is compatible with data. Choosing an iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular means that you can stay connected when you’re away from Wi-Fi. 1 Finish a presentation on your commute, stream a video from the park, or stay in touch with home while traveling abroad. You don’t even have to sign up for a monthly plan. The PayPal Prepaid Mobile App lets you manage every aspect of your account wherever you are, whenever you need it. Installing your Italy SIM card is the same as any other GSM sim card, please refer to your cellular device's manual for details. Cellular Get cellular coverage anytime you need it. Buying an Iliad prepaid sim card cost €10 (registration fee) and they offer the following data package: All in all of course a great deal, especially when traveling to the standard tourist destinations in Italy. It is possible to connect 5 devices at the same time to the portable Wifi and for a couple dollars per day you have an unlimited data connection. Daily/Weekly and Monthly data packages available, Includes 2 cell phone numbers: Europe & USA or Canada. Reliance Jio doesn't have many plans under Rs 100, but the ones that Jio offers are good enough and pack much better benefits than the rivals. Vodafone Italy offers one prepaid sim card for tourists. ... As you are using a mobile broadband sim card that works with existing local providers, you are assured of a quality connection. Prepaid Plus plans feature recharges from $30, and include unlimited standard national calls and SMS (plus international on selected plans), as well as a full-speed data allowance and ‘infinite’ data, which is unlimited data use capped at speeds of 1.5Mbps. Local prepaid Sim Cards in Italy. If you only travel in Italy then then Iliad has the best offer as they have the biggest data packages for the lowest price. These mobile network provider generally ask for a local Bank account and a local Italian address. May you have any questions please send me a message on my Instagram @traveltomtom. According to 2008 data, Italy's most internationally visited cities were: Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Florence, Verona, Palermo, Bologna, Rimini, Siena, Turin, and Genoa. We have the latest bundles and offers available for your network. Your friends won't be happy when they see the bill. OneSimCard - is a perfect Italy SIM card solution for savvy travelers. As Vodafone Italy has no EU data limits that automatically makes Vodafone the best sim card in Italy for tourists. Topup any prepaid mobile phone from 120 countries, with a few clicks and a complete security. In contrary to Tim and Wind does 3 Italy have texting included in their prepaid sim card. If your U.S. or Canadian GSM cell phone is currently locked to a carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile or Rogers, you should be able to contact them and request an unlock code. I went to all the mobile internet operators in Italy and researched their shops in Venice, Milan, Genoa and Rome before coming to a conclusion about the best sim card in Italy for tourists. Looking for the best sim card to travel in Europe then click on this link as I wrote a complete guide for it with everything you need to know how to stay connected in Europe. - Calls to Italy and San Marino: € 0.18/min; - Calls to Zone A, B: € 0.60/min; - Calls to Zone C, D: € 2.40/min; - … How is the 4G coverage and which mobile internet provider in Italy has the best network? Anyway while roaming around I also researched the best sim card for Italy for tourists and this is what I found out. Add numbers in 60+ other countries, Automatic airtime recharge or top-up online or directly through your cell phone, Reduce the cost of calling �to 2 c/min by using OneSimCard VoIP app. 2. If you do not currently have a compatible GSM unlocked cell phone for Italy, you can rent or purchase one from us. In 2008 I decided to go on a trip around the world and in 1 year I traveled through 24 countries from North America to South America, New Zealand, Australia and finally South East Asia. Register a new Airbnb account through this link and instantly get $30 credit. I also did research in the 3 biggest airports in Italy. In contrast to that, with Italy SIM card solution from OneSimCard you will be ready to make and receive calls before you arrive in Italy. In just a couple clicks and 1 minute of your time you can earn $30 for your next trip to Italy. Then click on the link for info about buying an Italy sim card at those airports. You could save money with these 365 day and other long expiry prepaid plans, especially if you don't need to use lots of data. Go to Google Maps and simply type in the by your preferred Italy mobile internet operator and walk to the nearest shops to buy an Italy tourist sim card. Check in store for the latest offers. Curious where I am right now? FreeCharge covers major network providers in India, that include Airtel, Aircel, … But I can already tell you that buying a sim card at the airport is not the best idea. Without a local Italian address, there is no way to get a good data plan. Now lets look at the most important thing for Italy sim cards: the prices. Hotspot is available on a 3 Italy prepaid sim card. Wind Italy only offers one prepaid sim card for tourists. When looking at the best sim card in Italy for tourists it kind of depends if you only travel to Italy. Recharge your italian prepaid SIM-Card You can easily and safely purchase cellphone airtime credit for the biggest providers in Italy (Wind, TIM, Vodafone and Tre) Please select the provider and the amount you would like to recharge, enter your number without country code +39 and 0 (e.g. Arriving at the airports of Milan, Venice or Rome? Italy cell phone rental is also an option for those who seldom travel to international destinations. Activation can be done from anywhere using Internet. I got back to the Netherlands and saved as much money as I could and in December 2012 I quit my job again and ever since I am continuously traveling the world. Click on the banner below to see if your country qualifies for free shipping and get an Orange sim card with 20 GB data valid in 30 European countries. The purchased credit is used to pay for telecommunications services at the point the service is accessed or consumed. Check out my  155K Instagram account @traveltomtom. This is a completely new company and they do not have that many stores around Italia like the other mobile internet operators. Also some great inspiration for cool places to go in Italy can be found there. On top of the above mentioned Orange sim card for Europe, the following prepaid sim cards are perfect for traveling in Italy: For more amazing sim only Europe sim card deals, click on the link and read my complete guide about it. In case you are traveling to more countries in Europe then Wind, Tim, 3 and Iliad all have data limits outside Italy. Whenever I get to a new country the first thing I do is buying a sim card to avoid extremely high roaming costs which unfortunately still exists nowadays. Buying a prepaid sim card in Italy is very easy and also affordable, unlike for example Germany, Denmark, Netherlands. Right from your iPad. Unlimited minutes in Italy and Europe (also USA, Australia, India, Canada). AT&T charges over $2 a minute to call an Italian cell phone. €27 data only sim card: 40 GB - EU data limited to 5 GB. Side note is that their network is not the strongest and therefore it might be a risk! Buying an Iliad prepaid sim card cost €10 (registration fee) and they offer the following data package: Price €8 - valid 30 days. Everything about buying a Europe sim card can be found in the link! Our prepaid international calling cards to Italy offer high connection quality at low calling rates. LOL. OneSimCard is an all-in-one Italy SIM card solution that gives you more. My name is Tom and my biggest passion is obviously traveling. Answer 1 of 62: I am in Italy for 3 months and next year in Europe for 3 months and would like to buy a prepaid mobile and sim card. For foreign travelers in Italy, I aways recommend the TIM International Card Limited.It has rates within Italy of 8 cents a minute and low rates to foreign countries as well. Most unlocked GSM cell phones are compatible with international SIM cards from OneSimCard. Will the Italy SIM card work with my phone? 3. Prepaid Sim card for Italy + Europe. Online recharge Italy phones at Recharge 🙂 Get an easy top up for your or someone else’s phone credit or data worldwide. You can use a hotspot on a WIND Italy prepaid sim card. Looking for a Italy SIM card to use for international travel in Italy or other countries in Europe? Every additional month costs only €10 and you can recharge through the Wind Italy website. You can register up to at least 3 Italy sim cards on 1 passport. There are also third-party services, for example at your local mall, that will unlock your phone for you for a small one-time fee. Check in store for the latest offers.

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