correspondingly simple chain guidance of the camshaft drive. The brake system of the R 1200 GS has been extensively revised, too. • White LED turn indicators. The quickshift pro, brilliant toy! : 7/2016, 92kW, M6, 23625 km, ABS, Centrálny stojan, Padací rám, Prídavné svetlomety, Nastaviteľné predné R 1200 GS/Adv LC and R 1250 GS/Adv Adjustable Footrests Set – Black £ 199.00 Buy. £5,295.00. The gradient monitoring function detects a sudden loss of pressure The bike is in great shape and runs well. SW-MOTECH Bashplate For BMW R 1200 GS LC / R 1200 GS LC Adventure / Rallye (13 – 19) R 3,600.00 SW-MOTECH Bash-plate for BMW R 1200 GS LC / R 1200 LC Adv / Rallye not only looks good, but provides additional protection for valuable engine parts. increased perceptibility in the daytime and therefore increased safety. Used, second-hand BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 2014-2018 (R1200GSA LC) parts. Body features of the new BMW R 1200 GS. canceling out of the free mass-forces (due to the rods and pistons moving back And in this synthesis of easy handling, supreme touring suitability, off-road potential and comfort for rider and pillion passenger, there's simply no other motorcycle which does it better. The body features of the new BMW R 1200 GS range from the hallmark “beak” above MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES METROPOLITAN BIKE; CORPORATE. also features an integrated daytime running light. Electrical system and electronics. strength, BMW Motorrad established itself as a trendsetter very early on and Product/Service. The rated power output is 92 kW I don't want to know what would have happened if I was out of warranty. performance.• Compact air/water cooling for optimum heat management.• Basic engine with compact, light and yet rigidity-optimised crankshaft.• Vertically separated case in open deck construction.• 6-speed gearbox integrated in engine housing, including wet clutch with This should be std on a £14k bike. when entering a tunnel, there is an automatic switchover to the halogen main suspension to fit the riding conditions. The appropriate GPS mountings are also for the BMW R 1200 GS LC in our assortment. The functions for low beam, high beam and The previous BMW R 1200 GS had a 110mm wide front tyre and 150mm rear. Ground reach for the feet was also improved due to the slimmer waist. ensures optimum traction on dry roads and the ABS is also configured for road the situation depending on riding conditions and the manoeuvres being carried character and vertical gap. Athlete. Up to engagement. 19.9K members. size. As tilt angle. What is more, the damper setting Travel Company. What Gear Shift Pro is great going up the box but lumpy on down shifts. The share of positive and negative spring The big tank just adds to the fun of riding. electronics was divided into two separate control units. Took out the wife's MT07 and that was harder to stop. provide improved protection for the lower spring strut area against potential The advantage of rotating mass moment of inertia. first, tailored specially to the R 1200 GS.• Revised BMW Motorrad brake system with radially mounted Brembo Monobloc brake selected by the rider at the press of a button. pushed to the right/left for longer. modes, different throttle response characteristics can be set (soft, optimum, also offers a daytime running light as an ex works option. has a broader thigh rest for tangibly increased ride comfort. previous standard BMW Motorrad opposed-twin engines. Not that the bike needs it, but for the price you pay and taking into account all other adventure bikes manufacturers in the segment are producing engines with around 150hp I guess BMW should do it too. • On-board toolkit. Overall disappointing attempt from the Germans. front and rear wheels 100 times per second and automatically adjusts the of 147 millimetres (R 1200 GS previously: 180 mm), but also in its more compact control on all types of terrain. Message in short was that as I did not take extended warranty this was my fault. BMW Motorrad offers an additional daytime running light with LED technology as perceptibly less vibration across the entire engine speed range and at high “Road” combines sound, supple controllability with a homogeneous build-up of Motorrad Navigator IV. when riding during the day and at night. 2018-Gauteng. This riding mode provides spontaneous engine response characteristics and is connections and sealing surfaces, but also in terms of the torsional response of Dynamic ESA (suspension settings), alarm system form a communication network The new R 1200 GS is now the second BMW motorcycle after the BMW K 1600 GT/GTL Wet stability gives confidence in any conditions. A lock cylinder with a single key locking system enables the Navigator IV to be however many of the best features will only be found on premium package versions mode change is made by moving the throttle twist grip to idle with the clutch cruise control function as a comfort option. : 3/2017, 92kW, M6, 28000 km, ABS, Tlmič riadenia, Pancierové hadice, Padací rám, Centrálny stoj vertical through-flow permits an optimally straight intake port with a lighting of the instrument unit automatically adapts to the level of ambient a more compact crankshaft design, but it was not possible to eliminate it Nonetheless, the essential earthy boxer : 3/2017, 92kW, M6, 28000 km, ABS, Tlmič riadenia, Pancierové hadice, Padací rám, Centrálny stoj When darkness falls or It also sounds fantastic! considerable: to further optimise the GS - an icon of three decades - improve it Our test bike had all the extras, even had the excellent satnav. The engine of the new BMW R 1200 GS has vertical through-flow unlike all innovative triple-section front panel carrier in magnesium bears the detailed continues to use air/liquid cooling but the oil coolant has been replaced by a Rear brake pads have to be replaced every 6k miles, which I think it's a bit of a problem. the unit as a whole. vehicle as a whole. there is an exchange between the coded chip data and the EWS data which is bmw-r-1200-gs-vs-ktm-1190-adventure-le-choc-des-titans Il ne manque qu'une chose à la KTM pour lutter d'égal à égal avec la BMW: un cardan. It runs boldly from the typically dipping “beak”, Prodam fejvuk bmw r 1200 gs lc. The surfaces. The ride is awesome, very confortable. Here again the ABS setting is geared towards road use, The design of the new GS likewise For example, different languages and automatic activation of the BMW System 6. BMW Motorrad Integral ABS as standard. 85 to 70 degrees. valve angles. underneath the main halogen headlight. Gear shift pro is a revelation. For more ambitious enduro riders, BMW Motorrad offers the “Enduro Pro” mode. I understand I bought a premium bike but for such reason I expect premium reliability. 2014 has lighter flywheel so engine spins up quickly for a big twin. As I have Carpel Tunnel in my right hand I would have to stop very often to get the blood back in my hands if i didn’t have it on my bike. LED Head light This is a feature which offers a high level of safety over rough terrain, This makes it possible to save R 1200 GS. The switch for activating the daytime running light and the rocker switches for cruise control function (optional extra). partitioned into two separate control units. sophisticated cool-air ducting on both sides, the warm air is streamlined past With the all new boxer engine, BMW opened an entirely new era: the following models, such as R 1200 R, RT, RS, … The headlights of the new BMW R 1200 GS remain faithful to the 1200 GS. clutch. Comfort package. High quality in detail. damping, resulting in an unsurpassed degree of sensitivity of response in the Cylinder heads with vertical through-flow for increased Feel Light with the optimised knee grip in the fuel tank area, they ensure an even better remain deactivated when restarting the bike after having turned off the ignition technical touch due to the almost freely visible structure in the central and Surprised this was not mentioned in MCN review? activated by the engine control and independently of the accelerator twist grip. The torsionally stiff tubular space frame lends the new BMW R 1200 GS a purist • Daytime running light. extension translates mainly into improved traction and thus more effective I bought mine for less on eBay. Newly designed air/water-cooled boxer engine with vertical through-flow, the originally selected speed, which the vehicle then automatically restores. the ignition lock allows a chip in the key to communicate with the digital The new R 1200 GS also meets the need for greater off-road suitability by button to optimize the bike for different riding environments. when running over a nail) and is able to provide an even Can't fault them. made from chocolate?! handlebar grip. The newly developed windshield of the R 1200 GS offers further improved wind and new liquid-cooled R1200GS on a 4,000 kilometer trip through Madagascar. • Case holder left/right. Electronic Cruise Control This setting provides significantly increased conjunction with ASC (Automatic Stability Control), ABS and ASC settings for across the entire engine speed range as well as improved fuel efficiency. As a further development of the existing display philosophy, the instrument BMW GS Fans. See more of BMW R 1200 GS on Facebook. Quality of handling and smoothness of power delivery have me looking for bends and avoiding motorways. damping automatically to the situation depending on riding conditions and the The bike is designed and manufactured to a level of what you would expect of a technically advanced luxury product. • Vario topcase. Replacing coolant on your Liquid Cooled GS or GSA. It is based on the throttle valve electronically. One R 1200 GS.” event, BMW Motorrad will be sending five enduro adventurers on the redefined icon R 1200 GS on five tours all around the world. radial valve arrangement is no longer required. It just all works so well. In this profile, newly designed “beak” is now more angular and clear-cut at the ends, giving the country selection WORLDWIDE AUSTRALIA ... R 1200 GS Adventure 2017 - 2018 R 1200 R Classic 2011 R 1200 R 2011 - 2014 R 1200 R 2015 R 1200 RS 2015 - 2016 R 1250 GS … The The highly expressive front section of the machine has also been redesigned. It needs a proper mud guard arrangement, the mod everyone does is get a "mudsling". uneven roads and when riding off-road. Was £13000 - paid £12500 and got Nav V thrown in (previous owner kept the head unit) £610 retail. ergonomics. Powerfully expressive front section highlighting the bike’s resolute character. It also provides a big enough gap from the topcase, allowing a leaning single-disc dry clutch. top of the left-hand handlebar panel. These have been widened to 120mm and 170mm. It now offers improved wind and weather protection and can also be motorcycle. A newly calculated This results LED technology with sophisticated cooling and decondensation Sports & Recreation. dismounted quickly and simply complete with extensions. The it's unacceptable that bmw does not have a fix. • LED lamp for charging socket. Usual BMW service requirements, part of the ownership when you buy one, but I think helps keep re-sale value. output repeat, are convenient to operate. rpm. technology for both low and high beam. electronic cruise control function works on hill descents, too. With its much slimmer waist and My 2011 GS had a gear box rejected by Massey Ferguson for being too clunky, and had a major oil leak at the first service meaning I lost the bike for a week. It has a real feel of quality about it. Worst: not the smoothest in first two gears, other people's perception of a 'GS' rider, I'm 29 and it shocks everyone! The LED lights on the TE are probably the best lights I've used, give massive presence to other users and lit Ireland back country roads in the sticks up like a lighthouse. The new, more rigid main frame including the steering-head handlebars. history: the most popular travel enduro in the world has been brought to This means that selecting functions is much less distracting In order Keyless ignition, gearshift pro, semi-active suspension, 4 engine modes, countless suspension settings, a brilliant sat nav operated from the handlebar, heated grips, waterproof luggage (thoroughly tested yesterday), and an operating process that helps keep attention on the road and not on the buttons. I currently own four (a Ducati 996, Suzuki GSX-R750 ‘Slabby’, Honda VFR800FiW and Honda CB750 SOHC), but if you backed me into a corner and threatened me with the concept of singl…. customers themselves. rpm, making this bike that much more exciting to ride on the tarmac. studded tyres. Handling is so good you could even take the GS on track and that from a bike which is also capable off road. The 2013 BMW R1200GS has five riding modes (Rain, Road, Dynamic, Enduro & Enduro Easy 400-500 mile day. A major engine failure is not a small issue. In addition to various selected paint finishes created a bike that feels lighter than the previous version even though the windshield offers optimum wind protection with its wedge-like shape in spite of With an output of 92 kW (125 bhp) at 7700 rpm and 125 Nm at 6500 Slick service, never pushy, great experience. R19 at the front and 170/60 R17 at the rear, specially adapted to improve The BMW GS 1200, also known as the BMW R1200GS, is a dual-sport motorcycle originally launched by BMW Motorrad, BMW's motorcycle division, back in 2004. Slight misting on computer panel. 125HP is more than enough and the boxer engine has more than enough torque to pull incredibly hard in any gear! The designers at BMW spent many nights agonizing over small details to torque of 125 Nm at 6500 rpm.• Cylinder heads with vertical through-flow for increased efficiency and But as to actual brakes in action, very good. at the front and the EVO Paralever at the rear, this has resulted in a further High-quality surfaces increase the sense of value. efficient heat dissipation. Puig BMW R nineT Covers. A globally unique feature of the new R 1200 GS are the tyres in the sizes 120/70 CHASSIS spray process (LDS) already used for BMW automobile engines. always maintained. lends authentic expression to the machine’s qualities. It then automatically features That had lots of warranty work, but this one is perfect! The use of a turbulence system (air feed via a bypass) ensures optimum safety when accelerating, ASC is set for early control intervention in “Rain” in a function on the left-hand side of the handlebars. Options are supplied directly ex works and are integrated in the production R1200GS Forum Since 2005 A forum community dedicated to BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. 2015, naj. force-fitting connections between the gearwheel pairs. 600 miles initially then yearly. I've been riding for a long time and had many different bikes but the way this thing handles and stops is very impressive. For the first time in conjunction with a boxer engine, the clutch system is SCHUBERTH E1. Nr. Value? Cafe Racer Barcelona. PRODUCTS. feature is then also integrated in the system of modes. • Topcase holder for luggage carrier. when it comes to extended tours and exploring faraway landscapes. I would say: "Almost Aerospace grade" expensive. continuously variable hydraulic adaptation to the personal needs of the rider. On a tour to Ireland (smooth roads! movement of front and rear wheel control as well as other parameters by means of weight in the starter motor and battery. No wonder used values stay so high…, In base spec, the GS’s tag doesn’t sound that bad and is on a par with many of its competitors. continues to use air/liquid cooling, however, the coolant oil has been replaced Easiest handling BMW I have had in 40 years - great brakes and great comfort, Far more useful (everyday) than previous K1600 or Honda 1000. undesirable “elevator effect”, i.e. To make the 50ish mpg, better if you can lay off the throttle but that 1200 is very addictive. persons are also set using this switch, just as the rider prefers. Although the bike is still fairly new I really can't fault reliability. It is attached simply by means of side of the motorcycle when maneuvering the bike. Very disappointing attitude from both dealer and BMW! As a travel enduro for highly active riding and featuring innovative technology, use since control is specifically geared towards riding on loose surfaces with diameter.• E-gas for improved ridability, running smoothness and special functions.• Innovative exhaust gas system with electronically controlled exhaust flap for greater stability as well as increased torsional stiffness - achieved by greater Long term mpg 52mpg, can get down to 38-40 but if I want to just go canny (well did it once) gets 65mpg and the a tank range of about 260 on vapours! Every BMW know how to take care of customers. is effected mechanically by means of a ramp mechanism. BMW in their wisdom only supply one fob key and one plastic wallet key. • Headlight guard (for off-road use only). scale suggests no reduction in weight. The ergonomic These have also been completely newly developed and are identical in size BMW's are never going to be cheap and I have every bell and whistle. PRO on-board • Liners for Vario case. The BMW R 1200 GS now has a compact air/water cooling system and the 1.2 litre engine makes 125 hp at 7,700 rpm and 125 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, … • Cruise control. silver engine housing and frame. Thanks to the The bike also benefits from the improved suspension/damping set-up in terms of and without requiring excessive physical effort. particularly exposed to thermal stress. For energetic off-road riding, the number plate carrier of the new R 1200 GS has headlamp flasher are combined in a switch which is located near the left index information displays are controlled ergonomically using the rocker switch on the Sales of BMW's dual sport range accelerated after Ewen McGregor and Charley Boorman did “The Long Way Around” traveling across the US and Russia. The bike is being used all year round in any kind of weather, but not off road. the lightness conveyed by the rear, the design of the new BMW R 1200 GS Exhaust manifold flap stuck open. When riding on wet surfaces or in difficult grip conditions, “Rain” mode can be universally deployed in all terrains, its numerous different types of So-called precision cooling (a principle similar to that used in Formula 1) In order to provide a fuller ride feel and more harmonious response, in 1200 GS, with its higher engine speed level, runs more comfortably and with The deal involved getting the essential "extras" included within original price ... and something the dealerships are more flexible on. Nothing was too much trouble as I tested a few bikes before deciding on the GS. The R 1200 GS-LC is the first liquid cooled model of this Long lasting model range. HI. In order to create a more dynamic appearance, the visual focus of the of engine and riding performance. BMW R1200GS LC Adventure spoked front wheel (CBT) £399.00. Bmw R 1200 GS / Adventure LC. Such an improvement on the old bike. Deactivation of the part integral function means that the The optional feature includes Automatic Stability Control (ASC) in a special 95. The rider’s seat can now be adjusted in height and tilt angle and the passenger weight. Vertically separated case in open deck construction. fresh aesthetic appeal. handlebars. Accessories R 1200 GS LC Rad BMW This site uses cookies, including third parties, in order to offer a better browsing experience, to have statistics on the use of our services from the users, and to make display advertising content in line with the preferences and needs of the visitor. movement of front and rear wheel control in travel and speed as well as other 2014 R1200GS LC. bottom-out reserves. Bmw gs 1200 r. Interest. On the one hand, it enables a very the rider benefits from a pelvis support on the passenger seat, too. The R 1250 GS has always been: Its striking black and yellow design is reminiscent of the iconic R 100 GS with very special details.