For example, if you have a bachelor's degree in International Business you may - under certain conditions - be admissible to the master's programme specialisation Work and Organisational Psychology but not to the specialisation Cognitive Neuroscience. Arts and Culture is an interdisciplinary programme that studies Western culture in a broad sense. In the skillslab, you’ll also practice medical skills, such as how to give a patient bad news. Biomedical Sciences is also known as the 'research side of medicine’. Twitter Check in the programme information whether your diploma grants you automatic admission. Generally applicants will need to demonstrate good numeracy and literacy skills, as well as the ability to handle scientific concepts. The Board of Admissions will evaluate if this number of credits is sufficient. Faculty of Law UM postal address Instagram Please use the form to … Admission Requirements: For taking the advantage of this fellowship the scholars must have a master’s. Psychology is a challenging master's programme that prepares students for a professional career in one of the emerging fields of biological and cognitive psychology. This means that you go through a selection process after applying. You have applied for admission to a full-time Master’s programme at Maastricht University for the 2021-2022 academic year. filter, Apply   The normal minimum criteria for admission as a Masters or a Graduate Diploma candidate for a coursework programme are indicated below. Since ancient, medical records were kept personally by paper. Admission requirements A Dutch ‘vwo’ diploma or A secondary school certificate from a different country, equivalent to the Dutch vwo diploma (for example, the German Abitur, Belgium’s Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs or an international or European Baccalaureate). QS World University Ranking #=234. The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) is a dynamic community consisting of 1500 students and 255 scientists, tutors/lecturers, technicians and other support staff. Collect the required documents 4. The University of Amsterdam is the third-oldest university in the Netherlands and also one of the oldest research universities in Europe with an estimated number of 31,186 students, 4,794 staff and 1,340 PhD students. YouTube, Please fill in the form 'Statistical Background', Bachelor Psychology from Maastricht University, University of Applied Science (HBO), Bachelor Psychology + pre-master Psychology, The Faculty does not offer any pre-master programmes. 32%. • Must apply for admission to a full-time Master’s program at Maastricht University for … locatie Maastricht: diploma BSc : type regulier, 180 EC: start 1 september: taal volledig Dutch volledig English: opleidingsduur 3 jaar voltijd: accreditaties NVAO: croho-code 56604: numerus fixus 525plaatsen: honours heeft honours track: 0; 1; Study a Bsc. Register in Studielink between October 1, 2020 and 15 January 2021, 23.59 (Central European Time (CET). Some Dutch diplomas grant automatic admission to Bachelor’s programmes at Leiden University. Weighted Admissions Score for Main Consideration No. The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) is a dynamic community consisting of 1500 students and 255 scientists, tutors/lecturers, technicians and other support staff. Bachelor (undergraduate) is a basic higher education. Bachelor’s degrees that NUFFIC judges as non-equivalent to a Dutch University Bachelor’s degree will not be admitted. The Department's minimum admission requirements are a four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent (typically in education or psychology) from a recognized institution, with a minimum GPA of 6.5/9.0 or 3.0/4.0 on the most recent 60 credits of course work. filter, Apply   QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100. Prerequisites Introductory psychology course. You will be trained to become a critical thinker who can understand, analyse and explain complex problems at the European level from various disciplinary perspectives. And with the ongoing shortage in Fiscal Economists, your career perspectives will be excellent. Maastricht Science Programme UCM is an honours Liberal Arts & Sciences programme for highly motivated students. English is the official language at University College Utrecht. Please check below which requirements apply to you. If you would like to study at Maastricht University (UM), you will have to send in your application via Studielink. filter, Apply   You’ll also develop the professional skills to put business ideas into practice, such as teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership and presentation skills. NUFFIC issues recommendations on the value of higher or secondary education diplomas obtained outside the Netherlands. European Studies is an interdisciplinary bachelor’s programme that focuses on the cultural, historical, political and social aspects of Europe and the ongoing European integration process. Required documents: A recent passport picture: The passport picture must satisfy certain requirements . List of the UM master’s programmes participating in this scholarship programme. Applicants from all the countries of the world can … Psychology Maastricht University. Students with a Dutch hbo-propedeuse or hbo Bachelor's diploma, need to meet the additional requirements set for Mathematics and English. Follow her to get a sneak peak of your possible future! In order to be eligible, you have to fulfil the general entry requirements for Bachelor's level studies as well as the specific entry requirements for the programme or course you are interested in. Minderbroedersberg 4-6 Below is a summary of the requirements for each course. … filter, Policy, Management and Evaluation of Health Care. Now, with the Corona virus spreading over the world, European Public Health is more important than ever! Economics & Society To qualify for Masters Scholarship at Maastricht University, candidate must meet all the requirements below: Required Language: English; Eligible Countries: Citizens of a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. The versatility of its research, ranging from fundamental to very practical, manifests itself in the seven research programmes of the institute. Use the category ‘Disclaimer’. You’ll also gain a thorough command of legal English. Dutch diplomas . The career paths you could pursue vary widely, ranging from policy making or project management to communications or consultation. This programme information is only offered in Dutch. Maastricht University offers one OTS scholarship for the master programme Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at the amount of 100% of the tuition fee. At least four psychology courses related to the specialisation of your choice. filter, Apply   This enables you to study issues related to health, nutrition and business in an interdisciplinary manner. Fill out the disclaimer statement, convert the Word-file to PDF, upload it in the MyUM portal. 1. Applicants are required to demonstrate proof of proficiency. You learn to understand global challenges from a variety of perspectives coming from various disciplines. University College Venlo (UCV) is unique. You’ll follow the one-year Master’s in WOP programme in Seville prior to your one-year master’s WOP programme at FPN. You can choose from more than 150 different courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences. We use … Our programme Business Engineering is for students with a pioneering spirit and will train you for exciting jobs that combine business and new technologies. Academic requirements. Maastricht University, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience Dear prospective student, Thank you for your interest in our master's programme. These pages contain more information about applying for a bachelor's programme at Maastricht University (UM). This Master in Psychology specialisation offers students from the Maastricht University Bachelor in Psychology the opportunity to do a Double Degree in Work and Organisational Psychology with Seville, Spain. Admission requirements A Dutch ‘vwo’ diploma or A secondary school certificate from a different country, equivalent to the Dutch vwo diploma (for example, the German Abitur, Belgium’s Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs or an international or European Baccalaureate). For your application to be considered, all documents, including proof of your English proficiency and your reference letters, must be uploaded before the application deadline (see Admission Procedure for Degree students). Deze opleiding! (VIII. In the International Business programme, you’ll learn about the strategy, resources and management required to run a business. Health Sciences is a broad bachelor’s programme that focusses on the relation between health and other factors such as behaviour, nutrition, the environment, social surroundings, biology, digital techology and healthcare. Prospective students pursuing a Psychology concentration are admitted into the Faculty of Arts & Science by the Undergraduate Admission office, in either the Arts or the Sciences. European Public Health is about prolonging life, preventing disease, protecting health while promoting healthy living to all Europeans through the organised efforts of society. Aplicants must be 35 years of age or younger as of 1 September 2021 if they are to be considered. The fall semester starts from 29 August and the spring semester from 30the January onwards. Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience The bachelor's programme in Psychology is a fixus programme with selection by the educational institution. LinkedIn In small tutorial groups 10 to 12 students, you seek solutions to ‘problems’ taken from real-world situations. MSc Psychology: Neuropsychology, at Maastricht University, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience in , . The Bachelor’s degree must be equivalent to a Dutch University of Applied Science (HBO) Bachelor’s degree according to NUFFIC. de studiekeuzecheck. All candidates must meet the following requirements: • Must hold nationality in a country outside the EU/EEA and meet the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and residence permit for the Netherlands. You'll learn how nutrition, molecular processes and movement affect human health. 63%. filter, Apply   Dutch law provides an excellent foundation for a job as a legal professional. Psychology. February Master PhD Law Bachelor MBA Healthcare Courses Online For Institutions arrow_drop_down. 5.)). It is ranked #=234 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021. Admission Requirements – Doctorate in Counseling Psychology Course Requirements* – Doctorate in Counseling Psychology School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs IELTS Indicator is accepted for tests taken from 1 … The programme will provide you with all the training you need to pursue a career as a researcher. In the bachelor’s programme in Psychology, you'll learn about the mental processes of humans, including memory, language, thinking and perception. 68%. You meet the set admission criteria of the UM Master’s programme you wish to apply to. FSE Campus Venlo Diploma Requirements. As an econometrics student, you combine economics and computer science with management and statistical techniques to create an indispensable, in-demand skill-set that companies around the world are seeking. You will learn to look at society in a unique way and will delve into important social themes such as sustainability, migration, security and technology. You can either learn to be a researcher (3 years) and then go for a master's degree, or a professional (4 years). This Positive Psychology course is a unique international study opportunity for psychology students. Is the International Bachelor in Psychology the programme of your choice? Some Dutch diplomas grant automatic admission to Bachelor’s programmes at Leiden University. Please note that the Board of Admissions cannot give any advice which courses you have to follow. It is slowly and slowly changed by superior IT structured software systems. Answer the questions below to find out if you meet the language requirements.