Today, Fortnite players battled Galactus, devourer of worlds, in the culmination of the game’s Marvel-flavored fourth season. The Shadow Tracker … They usually occur in the middle, near the end, or even the very end of a season. The Shadow Tracker re-introduces the suppressed pistol into Fortnite, but with a unique twist. I SAVED The Travis Scott Concert.. (Fortnite Live Event)Today in Fortnite Season 2, Travis Scott had a concert! Live Events usually happen once every season, and there have been many across the last few seasons. Platform. Go Premium. While today’s event didn’t … The Shadow Tracker's special ability is marking opponents it hits, just like a Shakedown, for a short time. December 9, 2020. Fortnite Tracker V2 helps you to track Battle Royale stats for Console, Mobile and PC players. It doesn't matter if you use a controller, touchscreen device or a keyboard with a mouse, we cover it all! Live Events in Battle Royale are huge events that only happen once, and usually bring huge changes to the map with them. Leaderboards display the statistics of almost all Fortnite players. Season 5 has represented some huge changes for Fortnite as the game has seen its map undergo various physical transformations. Cash. That event peaked at just over 2.3 million viewers, according to Twitch stat tracker SullyGnome. 5,953 #1,588 in EU Select a region above to see your Power Ranking. The end of Chapter 2, Season 2 has begun. The Shadow Tracker is an Exotic variant of the Suppressed Pistol that can be found on Battle Royale. The makers also confirmed that over 3.4 million fans were watching the event on YouTube and Twitch. raphtou.dy OBS Overlay. Published. Want to compare your stats with your buddies? We calculate your performance to make sure you are on top of the competition. Fortnite doomsday event LIVE! A FORTNITE Cube tracker believes they know when the timer will end and the Loot Lake event … Recently, Epic Games revealed that the event was a great success as it managed to bring in over 15.3 million concurrent players for the Fortnite Galactus event. FORTNITE live event fans are in for a treat with Epic Games today revealing details on the Travis Scott concerts taking place this week. in this video i will show you how to private your fortnite tracker for free Fortnite Tracker. Region. The event is shrouded in mystery, but it definitely means big things for the future of the game – and its gameplay. Competitive. Anyone can participate, anyone can win. The event begins on December 1 at 4pm New York time. It’s time to party up and boogie down with the greatest Fortnite players in the world. This is certainly a great achievement for the makers of Fortnite. Improve your chances of a victory royale by knowing how and where to buy Fortnite’s Shadow Tracker Exotic Pistol. Track your past events and tournamets. Indian Fortnite gamers can also purchase the track from the in-game shop. Fortnite’s Galactus event drew in more players and viewers than any of the battle royale game’s previous season-ending finales. Fortnite Galactus event date and start time – when is it? By. Merch. In our leaderboard section you will find the best of the best - players that are way above the others. FORTNITE players are preparing for a major event later today called The Device. 3 weeks ago. But what about the Fortnite … Save The World. FORTNITE.OP.GG is the statistics, leaderboards, rating, performance point, stream and match history for Fortnite Battle Royale Home Leaderboards Events Shop Fortnite stats, leaderboards, streamers Fortnite is a free to play battle royale game created by epic games, go it alone or team up in duos or squads and compete to be the last man standing in this 100 player free for all. Overview Events Arena Updated! Fortnite Device event start time, Doomsday live stream, server and limited space WARNING FORTNITE Chapter 2, Season 2 is finally coming to an end, following multiple extensions and delays. Fortnite’s upcoming end-of-season live event has been delayed by one week, Epic Games announced today.It will now take place on June 6th at 2PM ET. Fortnite Tracker TrackerFortnite is an exclusive place for Fortnite players to check their current stats. Fortnite Tracker V2 . Our website allows you to search up fortnite player stats and view their rankings on our global leaderboards. Gamers in a virtual queue to join a much-anticipated live Fortnite event were left disappointed as servers hit capacity one minute after fans had been asked to join. Astronomical is an other-worldly experience inspired by Cactus Jack’s creations, built from the ground up in Fortnite. Progress Matches Playlists Bests; View Mode. Enjoying the stats? Andrew Highton . It can be aquired from Reese at Dirty Docks for 1225 bars. Fortnite and Travis Scott Present: Astronomical. New loot has been added and a new theme is here to stay. Create a free account and compare your progress. Fortnite New Year’s event will be kicking off soon, with leaks revealing what fans can expect from the upcoming 2020 festivities. on. The Fortnite leaderboard tracker helps you track your wins as well as kills. Fortnite Cube tracker reveals time for Loot Lake event? Power Ranking. LFG; Challenges; Creatives; Login Or Register; Help. News. From April 23-25, blast off into a one of a kind musical journey featuring Travis Scott and the world premiere of a brand new track. Fortnite Tracker is an in-game real-time tracking solution for your Fortnite stats. Fortnite VALORANT Apex Legends Destiny 2 Call of Duty Rainbow Six Teamfight Tactics Hyper Scape Halo: MCC Rocket League Battlefield Overwatch Brawlhalla Rocket Arena Fall Guys The Division Realm Royale CS:GO PUBG Splitgate For … The event is targeted at Indian gamers and is playable from Sunday until December 30th. BECOME MEMBER HERE! Battle Pass. You can easily do that here. This website enables you to see your total kills, your total deaths and your total wins. Creative. That means you'll be playing at 1pm on the west coast of the USA, and 9pm in … But the new Fortnite update has something more interesting. Help. Live Events often bring the Fortnite community together; everyone stops attacking each other to watch the event. It’s time to party up and boogie down with the greatest Fortnite players in the world. Select a platform above to see your Power Ranking. Fortnite Stats. Live Events are events that occur within the game that connects to the storyline of Fortnite. However, build is still enabled, so players can build up and get a better view. Screengrab via Twitch . Check your score, kdr, kills per match/minutes lived during the event and more. Fortnite stats simplified. They show the ranking of the player as well as their username and the number of games they have won. Some events involve turning off shooting, so everyone can enjoy the event. out my TopVideos!