I answered it as Richard Fatchurd had called me. Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig. Yo Mr Bell Ringer what's going on? The greatest alleyway that I can give is me! Mine are going to be steak tonight. / Ort: Petersdorf, Fehmarn. Hello my name is Amanda, I am 15 years old and my little siblings love the PJ Masks. Everything went back to normal. I fucking hate that Eggplant! After Fritz said that, really sinister music began to play in the background. House Lost Places. They um got lost boss. Meanwhile, RJ Mole was busy ringing a serious of numbers. Schloss Dwasieden. RJ Mole groaned as we were forced to make a quick de-tour to Paris where we saw that Pimping Sanders was smoking dope with some powerful and snooty business people right outside Notre Dame Cathedral. Believe me I've got my sources. Fritz you and Green stay here to keep a lookout!" RJ commanded. PJ Mole asked as he turned around to see a large brown bowling shoe coming for his face. Joseph Green went back to running the sugar company in Hartley Dale, and as for Richard B Bee. Also, just like Richard B. Bee; Sanders was exiled from his home after he kept making rude remarks about the townsfolk most especially the local bell ringer. Maybe just a crust of bread!" That's a whole lot of happiness! The pair are nasty little things who sing in the most horrible voices that you will ever hear! PJ had done this to them for they had mocked his appearance. He then fell to the floor in a massive thump, and somehow this caused him to return to his original form. Top men. After calling Richard, RJ Mole made one final phone call. One of the most crucial parts of a kitchen is … I managed to scratch them as Pimping Sanders sped down the seemingly deserted streets of London. Boris Johnson went back to being Prime Minister, and made a speech about Chemical 57 and PJ Mole. Also, the last of Chemical 57 has been taken to Area 69 where it is being investigated by top men. "Pizza anyone?" I think it was some kind of self confidence issue or something not really sure to be honest with you. First, he rang Sam and Max who answered instantly. Dallas then pulled a wickedly wicked Dallas Coleman smirk. Säulengänge, Keller und Marstall sind zu erkunden. Meanwhile, incredibly rude news reporter Gareth Eggplant turned into an actual eggplant or aubergine if you live across the sea! Lost Places Hall. Oh sugar honey ice tea sorry I didn't see you dear reader. RJ Mole sure does love giving orders doesn't he reader? I've got Sam and Max on the roofs with a sniper rifle. Also, because Fatchurd's so fucking fat, he made the hover ship tilt towards the one side as we began making our way towards Hunter John who was having a little picnic in a small woodland area just north of Oakton City. 57 59 9. Things turned out better for him that anyone of us. While flying above the streets of London, I got a first person perspective on how Chemical 57 affects people. Who? Let's start. Pimping Sanders yelled at the top of his lungs as we all made our way inside the car. about to touch the fiery abyss. Before I start. PJ Harvey’s discography speaks for itself. 2015 season Bee gave Bumble a kick up the arse which caused Bumble to cry; "ouch!". Actually no it wasn't he was able to break down the steel security doors with his immense strength. lost-places.com - Forum. In school, Greg tries to read a poem he wrote but he was so shy, he choked up as the kids inside (except for his own friends, Connor and Amaya) laughed at him. Bei diesen bekomme ich eine Provision für jeden Kauf. I think it had something to do with a hole in the satellite picture. Oh and about the mole people? 70 100 10. Maybe he's the real villain of the piece? We opened the laptop, and saw that it showed PJ Mole now wearing a downright ugly blonde wig doing a press conference in Boris' place. The Queen Bee put a hit out on Richard, but he managed to escape after overpowering the pollen jocks who had been hired to kill him. Pkw Unfall Baum. Oh man that's some good scum! Anyways, PJ Mole then proceeded to rise to become larger and larger. It is important that the kitchen remains hygienic and equipped with all the necessary equipment and amenities. It was so fucking terrible! RJ looked puzzled and said, "nothing's not right. The meat was raw and made me shit out eggshells, and the subway meatballs had been laced with smelly swamp water. Lostplace Lost Place. Globox asked like some kind of Mr Potato Head as we made our way inside the hover car. They'll shoot PJ right in his eye, and we'll laugh as we watch him die." While on a GPS treasure hunt in the Palatinate forest (Pfaelzerwald), four teenagers come across an abandoned US military radio tower station that once was part of a secret military program with horrible side effects. LOST PLACE - LEICHENHALLE gefunden! How does anyone get lost in London? Sadly, Pimping Sanders had departed from our team for he had taken a walk up to the Court Of Miracles up in Paris. We'll get that crumb bum!" The food was incredibly overcooked and undercooked in some cases. So, after making these three phone calls, RJ Mole explained to us that Richard and Sanders would be here in about half an hour. Not sure what the fuck that means but whatever. "We're going to let him take over as Prime Minister. Wheel Valve Heating. Inside the kitchen, we found out that the fridge was being guarded by real estate novelist Toad John who never had time for a wife. Lost Places. "Step on it Pimp Sanders!" 61 46 14. After we were set free from our trap, the mole people brought us to a small sitting room which they had underground for some reason. Even longer now than what it seems. We taking on PJ Mole or what?" 79 100 8. After getting transformed into moles and getting shunned from society, the mole people were forced to move underground where no one else can see them! Also, please make sure to leave your thoughts and feelings in the comment section down below. Sorry I'm getting distracted. Bruno you and Fatchurd follow me. There's a ton of random categories here so might as well jump the bandwagon, https://geosheas-lost-episodes.fandom.com/wiki/PJ_Mole%27s_Downfall?oldid=190786. He then picked Sanders up, and threw him into the hover ship as we FINALLY began making our way towards our destination. 75 38 33. He called perhaps the most important person in all of funnypasta history. No he called.... he called.... he called Pimping Sanders. It was a valiant effort, but it failed nonetheless. Objekte, die dem Zerfall ausgesetzt sind, werden Lost Places (verlorene Orte) genannt. "You ain't that lucky bastard." About Us - Hall Venue at Westlane Place - Westlane Place PJ - Venue for Hire in PJ - Wedding Packages PJ - WeddinG Halls PJ - Wedding Venues in PJ for Hire. With his wife gone, Green was forced to cook us the after funeral buffet. Minnesota couldn't get their boat rowing in the right direction tonight as Iowa dominated the Gophers in a 35-7 loss. "Yep." Harry proclaimed as some nearby birds with soggy old socks for beaks laughed at him on a nearby lamp post. "Ah Green you guys made it! Dallas help me!" Next, he rang Richard B Bee. After the funeral, we headed back to Joseph Green's place due to his wife being on holiday with her boss and totally not her lover Charles. "Thanks.... so what's happening? Lost Place Factory. Just a shame this will be the last time we see each other!" You know we probably killed him. Boy what a team! No not Colonel Dodo no not General Asquith not even Mr Parks. Later on Greg finds a little box until suddenly a strange beam hits Greg as it was one of Romeo's inventions as Greg's voice started getting quieter as Romeo plans to use the PJ Masks' voices to frame them for Romeo's own crimes. For you see; Boris Johnson is holding a public address this evening. Goodbye dears for I've got saving to do! After we were done eating and evocating our bowels, we were forced out of the house by Green for his wife had arrived earlier than accepted. It was Max who answered with, "no complaints from me RJ!". Imposant! "So what can I say about this whole fiasco. He just couldn't get through it! Yep not even joking they legit got lost in London. The spectacular autobiography, “Lost in Place: Growing Up Absurd in Suburbia”, written by Mark Salzman, is about how Mark’s life journey from a little boy absorbed in Kung-Fu into a mature, educated Yale graduate. So sad. Toad John and his gang of mice then made their way out of the kitchen to look at Toad John's collection of priceless British memorabilia. How did he disappear? Stay in your homes and play monopoly!" After the funeral, PJ's body was dumped in a quarry. So where we last off, me and my cohorts including RJ Mole and Globox had fallen in an underground bunker ran by the mole people. "Where we headed?" I never thought that PJ Mole was such a bastard at least we managed to defeat him. Pimping Sanders returned to Paris where he continued to insult Quasimodo. The music that played was, "Sunset Balthazar." Gradually Stone Stairway. RJ Mole remarked in his annoying voice. Yes, Pimping Sanders is pretty darn odd, and this is because he is immortal for he once bathed in the fountain of eternal life back in 1497. Richard then proceeded to sting Sanders on his forehead knocking him out. "We need extra guns for what's happening Bruno. Here's everything that coach PJ Fleck said following the game. 111 83 28. 47 42 5. Yes you see; because Fatchurd is so fucking fat he had to sit on top of the car because if he sat inside the car with us he'd probably crush us to death or stink us to death with his obnoxiously bad wind. The mole people didn't accompany them for they claimed they had something extra special planned for PJ Mole's finest hours. Joseph Green commanded as we began speeding out of the caverns, and using a conveniently placed cat flap were able to make our way back onto the surface. PJ Mole shot lasers from his eyes which we were narrowly able to avoid. LOST PLACE - HORROR SCHLOSS gefunden! "I say what's this?" "Remember last year?" For some reason, the mole people decided to not burn us to death just as we were. 79 68 25. Have you ever felt like a stranger? Sanders you wait in the car to serve as our getaway driver." 58 37 28. Joseph Green asked. Nicht ganz Lost und auch nicht ganz Verlassen. We thought for a moment that we would have to sneak past Toad John and his guards, but thankfully he was called away from the fridge by a mouse with a severe nose injury. Window Arch. How pathetic! Lost Places Stairs. With that being said, I hope you enjoy. I mean I'm not really qualified." "Give me a crust of bread! I would have well probably done the same thing let's be honest. I wanna let you know that this is the first PJ Masks Creepypasta and The story doesn't belong to me. An eye for an eye! Bee Bear remarked as he was able to defeat Fatchurd and Fritz with no problem whatsoever. Meanwhile, Richard Fatchurd and Fritz went back to running things over at Fatchurd Manor. Boris proclaimed happily as everyone clapped happily. Fritz asked to which Richard Fatchurd responded with, "we got to save Richard. He spent a few years in Empire Bay before returning to London where he got a job in a factory up North. Sinopsis: Cuatro adolescentes se encuentran en el bosque en un antiguo puesto militar de EE.UU. That's when RJ and I noticed that a small laptop had been placed on the middle of the table. "So what now RJ?" 43 41 9. Where did he get the cure from? PJ Mole meanwhile turned to face the screen and said, "hello there RJ glad you could make it! They're sure are a whole lot of Johns in this story aren't there reader? Also, Richard B. Bee was sitting in the front seat for he had been picked up by Sanders outside the courthouse in Dukes. Wer von euch war schon auf dem Gelände oder hat auch mal eine Tour durch die Unterwelten gemacht? 45 16 19. Everytime when Disney Junior comes out with PJ Masks my siblings sang the theme song. For the next several years, the mole people have been waiting in vain to get their long awaited revenge on PJ Mole, and this may be their chance! The leader of the mole people: Francis Goggins no relation to Mrs Goggins ordered for us to be set free. Suddenly, two freakishly tall nightmarish creatures entered the newsroom, and tried their best to attack the anchor who cried, "Dallas! Doch irgendwie auch ein Lost Place. I proclaimed happily like some kind of Spyro The Dragon. Even the Minister of Defence whoever that is attended the funeral. We held a funeral in PJ Mole's memory, and everyone attended. He then proceeded to lay a huge blue print sheet onto a small steel coffee table which lay in the centre of the room. 73 64 27. Opening statement from PJ Fleck Fleck: First of all, I'm just disappointed with the loss. Globox proclaimed happily as our ship was attacked by waves upon waves of gangster pirates. "Now are you okay with sniping you two?" He needed to build his reputation as a field reporter if he was going to get onto national television. That way he'll think he's won." 9 talking about this. Well it is a big place Trevor it is a big place. "Quasimodo guardian of an ass!" Well let's just say it involved honey trafficking. Meanwhile, Richard Fatchurd and Fritz fought with Bee Bear Hybrid and Moley. Without a doubt, the place now known as PJ Clarke’s was part of that empire. Don Salieri cried on Morello's shoulder. We both turned out attention to the laptop as PJ Mole gave his speech as intended. However, I then realised that it was actually just my phone going off. Have you ever seen such a thing as a sarcastic policeman? Thankfully, we managed to kill them using the cannons, and eventually arrived at the Tower of Leptys. Lost in Space (TV Series 2018– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The news anchor then continued with, "London has been placed under martial law. "PJ!" Für euch entstehen dadurch natürlich keine Mehrkosten. 55 37 18. 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Hunter John cried as he began shooting at us with his shotgun. Ihr interessiert euch für verlassene Orte/Gebäude? "Come on get in! After telling them the sitch, Sam and Max both fell from the damp and dark ceiling of the underground caverns. 41K likes. We then proceeded to MGS our way through 10 Downing Street past PJ Mole's guards and corrupt cops until we eventually reached the kitchen. As she rushes her way in, the kids discover that the train is missing, and it is up to the PJ Masksto solve the mystery of the missing train. "Oh my look at Quasimodo's hot body!" PJ laughed when he saw us enter his domain without an invitation. 104 74 29. With François Goeske, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen, Pit Bukowski, Josefine Preuß. "You can call me you can buzz me cause you know I love your honey!" The mouse said as Toad John asked, "Kensington? Fritz asked. RJ Mole then tried his best to break out of the Cabinet room, but it was no use. Richard asked in an incredibly threatening tone. I remarked as I then proceeded to light Hunter John on fire. It was the same thing that caused the downfall of House of Mouse many moons ago. "Is he dead?" PJ explained as Sam and Max who for some reason I could see on another screen were getting ready to shoot PJ only to get knocked out by Moley. We bid ourselves an emotional goodbye from Bee Bear and Moley. Door Input. Pimping Sanders can never die! At the Tower, all made our way towards the very top of the tower where we saw PJ Mole sitting on a small throne gloating about having turned London into a demon creature hells cape. Sam remarked as he and Max made their way onto the rooftops of a nearby building which overlooked 10 Downing Street. "Boss I've had a tip off. Aber: Kann ich dann mal nicht weiterhelfen, werde ich mit wüsten Beschimpfungen beleidigt – dass […] Eventually we arrived on a small side street just outside of Downing Street. The camera then panned over to show weatherman Dallas Coleman rubbing the back of his head nervously as he said, "I can't touch them! 48 46 8. PJ Mole meanwhile began falling dancing for some reason while screaming, "nooooooooo!" Yeah maybe that'll help! 87 84 30. "The plan's real simple fellas. Anyways, we were eventually able to reach the Tower of Leptys. RJ Mole was also dismayed to learn that the tanks of Chemical 57 were not here. Rolls Royce Limousine. Yeah that's what I meant! He will speak to the nations of the world!" We got ourselves out of the car as RJ Mole explained the plan once more to us. RJ explained. If I was a toy! Boris Johnson asked who had not woken up since we got him out of the fridge, but somehow still knew what was going on. Lost Place es una película dirigida por Thorsten Klein con François Goeske, Josefine Preuß, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen, Pit Bukowski, Anatole Taubman .... Año: 2013. The evil PJ had planned ahead of us. It belong to someone on Deviantart. Then the two demon creatures turned their attention to Dallas Coleman who responded to this by running out of the studio like a mad man. 46 51 10. "Not just yet." Toad John said as he had one of his guards open up the fridge revealing that Boris Johnson was indeed trapped in there along with Sam and Max and the others including Richard Fatchurd who we had left on top of the car. Whatever, with Sanders and Bee both assigned to their jobs, the rest of us accompanied RJ to a nearby street corner in order to watch the magic happen. So, while RJ made some phone calls, I asked the mole people about how they came to be for some reason. 88 107 6. Also, I should mention that me and my cohorts were all wearing gas masks expect for RJ Mole who was immune to the effects of Chemical 57. Of course you didn't see it, because you can only hear me!" He didn't die however for he landed in a conveniently placed pillow fort. www.therailatreadington.com 157 Main Street Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 908-534-0001 Well we could avoid it happening again with a really big trap!" It hoped it involved fish and chips or coffee and cream. Just make sure if you ever get the chance to see it; not to laugh at it because otherwise Toad John will have your head on a stick by sunrise. RJ Mole then turned to face us and said, "right Richard you keep a look out just in case PJ's planned for our arrival! Richard B Bee was a rogue member of the Pollen Jocks. Fatchurd cried as the phone call abruptly ended! 68 72 16. RJ Mole said as he gave PJ a small kick just to make sure. "Open em up boys!" "Oh bugger!" His wife will no doubt insult Green for having a face which smells like a foot. Fleck's new contract paid him $800,000 per year, plus incentives, making Fleck the MAC’s highest-paid coach, nearly 45 percent higher than second place Frank Solich ($554,500). Last I saw, the pair were helping an angry mob in chasing down a deformed hunchback. Richard B. Bee then proceeded to hover above Sanders as bees tend to do ya know?